Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Topic #5: Immigration Reform

Certainly illegal immigration is a much debated and contentious issue today. Some people argue that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Americans while others argue that illegal immigrants are an invaluable component to our economy. Other issues are just as important in this discussion: morality, compassion, justice, and crime. What do you think? Please watch the videos below and respond by 5pm CST July 30.

-Safari Bob


ashley.morales said...

Immigrants are taking jobs from the American people; however, the majority of these jobs are jobs that Americans do not want because they feel they are above these jobs. It is not a problem for the immigrants to have these jobs if there are no Americans who are willing to do the job themselves. If there are some Americans willing to do the job, however, they should be given that chance because they are legal citizens. But, as I mentioned before, Americans are not always willing to step up to the plate. If this is the case, then immigrants should be able to have these jobs because the job needs to be done for whatever reason. Immigrants should not be able to live as freely as they do, though. If they really want to live in the U.S then they should do the steps necessary to become a citizen and live here legally. Learn english, pay their fines, take their tests, etc. They should be given “grace periods” to be able to get everything they need in order. If they fail to even try to get these things accomplished then maybe they should be either fined or they should be tried to see why they haven’t gotten anything done and maybe put on a probation period with some kind of case worker to help them stay on the path to citizenship. If they still do not comply; then they should be deported as the ultimate punishment for taking advantage of our country. That way, they can’t say “you never gave me a chance” or something along those lines. And if they don’t want to be a US citizen but are just coming here for work, then they should apply for a temporary citizenship or visa. We should not be paying for them to live here freely while they reap all the benefits.

Hamad said...

Firstly, what means by an immigrant is the one who move from his original place to another due to some problems or issue trying to change or improve the life condition. Of course, there are legal immigrants and other consider as illegal immigrants. The way of immigration and movement for those types of people is different. Immigration has a big discussion over the world due to the facts which immigrants can cause change, help or affect the lifestyle in their destination land. For instance, there are some agreements between different countries for free trade. Sometime a country needs to import some export manufacturing from another country to help economy. There should be a policy protecting those legal immigrant and they have to be treated as others. They should receive hospitality and have their health care and higher education in their new place because they come for some required tasks from their original home. As known, those first type of immigrants have their whole rights to work for their own life at wherever place they move into. On the other hand, the second type is those people who consider being illegal. Most of the people believe they bring issues and problems which are dangerous to the people and the country’s political system. Every country has to control and protect their border in order to provide the safety to its population. Those illegal immigrants can cause more violence and spread different kinds of diseases